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About Us

About Us

Here at we are all about supporting the people who support breastfeeding mothers, offering a wide range of educational opportunities for health professionals.

Director of, Barb Glare is an International Board Certified lactation Consultant with more than 10 years experience as an IBCLC working in a large rural hospital. She is in touch with the issues that face health professionals working with breastfeeding mums. aims to offer quality educational programs in a variety of formats. Online and face to face, because networking and sharing ideas are an important feature of our seminars.

Barb has four breastfed children and is part of the expert panel at 'Mother and Baby' magazine, as well as volunteering her time as a breastfeeding counsellor.


What people are saying about

“I go to seminars all the time and this was one of the best i'd been to for ages. I learnt alot and the speakers were excellent The food was amazing and the program excellent with breaks well placed well done and thank you”

“thought today was terrific. The speakers were interesting & easy to listen to.
Venue & food really good.
Thank you”

“I have attended many breastfeeding seminars and found this one one of the best I have ever attended.”