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VIEW ALL Breastfeeding Conferences

Breastfeeding Conferences run specialised face-to-face seminars around Australia across a wide range of topics featuring highly recognised educators and specialist from around the world.
These conferences usually have CERPS and midPlus accreditation points associated with attendance.

VIEW ALL Hug Your Baby Conferences

HUG Your Baby provides family-friendly information created from evidence-based child development and medical literature. HUG Your Baby helps parents prevent and solve problems around eating, sleeping, crying, and parent-child bonding and provides innovative training and resources to professionals who serve expectant and new parents.

VIEW ALL Warrnambool Breastfeeding Centre

Turning the Tide is the biennial conference of The Warrnambool Breastfeeding Centre, held in February. The centre, which is a leader in its field was established in 2014. All funds raised from the conference go to support the Warrnambool Breastfeeding centre. The centre also offers ongoing education for health professionals and parents.

VIEW ALL e-Learning Modules

Breastfeeding Conferences are building a library of online e-learning modules for you to use to enhance your knowlege and gain CERPS and midPlus accreditation points. Modules are approximately an hour in length and involve watching an online tutorial and then answering a number of multi-choice questions.

VIEW ALL Webinars Online Conferences

We recognise not everyone can get conferences even though they would like to, so we offer the option of online attendance. Register for one of our Webinars and watch the broadcast live and replay sessions as often as you want during the access period, or register for a pre-recorded conference. You will receive a certificate of attendance just as if you had attended in person.