Breastfeeding: Science, Solutions & Strategies

Breastfeeding: Science, Solutions & Strategies

Brisbane,  19-20 February 2024

Join us at our seminar "Breastfeeding Science, Solutions, and Strategies."Delve into the latest advancements in lactation science, exploring the physiological foundations of breastfeeding, common challenges faced by mothers, and evidence-based strategies to overcome them. Engage with leading experts, Catherine Watson Genna and Lisa Marasco, as they unveil innovative solutions that empower mothers to establish and sustain successful breastfeeding journeys. This two-day seminar provides a comprehensive insight into the science behind breastfeeding, equipping you with valuable tools to navigate this vital aspect of maternal and infant health.

Venue: Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane - 23 Leichhardt St Brisbane


ACM Endorsed Program


ACM Endorsed program: 13.75 CPDs.

CERPs Approval CL2021-1AU: Total hours 13.75
Total CERPS allocated: 12.5L CERPs 1.25E CERPs


Conference: Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane: 23 Leichhardt St Brisbane

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