Using the International Code to Create Change

Using the International Code to Create Change

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Using the International Code to Create Change
Presenter: Nancy Mohrbacher

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Change is in the air. Learn how the International Code for the Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes applies to companies and healthcare professionals. This talk covers a process to evaluate companies' compliance with the International Code, as well as some developments that may help protect breastfeeding in the U.S. and in other countriesUsing the International Code to Create Change. 

IBLCE Content Outline: VII Clinical Skills

90 minute video presentation followed by a short multiple choice quiz.

Course outline

Why the International Code for the Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes was created

  • Other products whose marketing is restricted and why
  • How companies can sell their products without violating this Code
  • How some companies’ marketing practices undermine breastfeeding

Couse Description
This course discusses the products covered and the aim of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. It will describe the requirements for healthcare workers under the Code and their implications to practice and explains three requirements necessary for a company that distributes Code-covered products to meet its obligations under the Code.    

Course content will cover these areas of interest:

I.  Clinicians and the Code

II. History and aim of the Code

  1. Products covered by the Code
  2. Historical decline in breastfeeding rates and unethical marketing of formula
  3. How the Code was created
  4. Aim of the Code       

III. Formula marketing & lactation outcomes

  1. Research from the Philippines
  2. US research

IV. Health workers and the Code

  1. Be familiar with the Code
  2. Accept no money or gifts
  3. Give no free samples to parents

V. Code-related developments 2007-present

  1. How one company became Code Compliant: 
    • Marketing, education restrictions • No direct contact with parents • Packaging requirements     

     2. Changes in ILCA policy

     3. Hi-tech marketing and the Code: Social media and apps

     4. New fronts on industry’s efforts to increase formula sales.  

     5. Legislation to protect breastfeeding 

     6. How lactation supporters can help



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eLearning: Using the International Code to Create Change

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